Lab happenings

2019 White Elephant holiday party – Caroline’s house

We had our annual holiday party on Dec 8th, lots of fun as usual! Some hotly contested items in the gift exchange were a mini-waffle maker and Bear-themed mixed bag. Kevin took possession of the title of “Stealer of own gift”, following in Lisa’s footsteps.

Undergraduate Research symposium, Dec 7th 2019

What an amazing, diverse, and talented group of undergraduate we have had in the lab this semester! We had talks on tardigrades, beetles, crickets and mammals, from researchers in disciplines ranging from computer science, molecular and cellular biology, to physiology and ecology.

American Physiol. Society Intersociety meeting, New Orleans 25-29 Oct 2018

Williams and Vazquez-Medina labs attended, a great time was had by all!

Beetle Fest 2017!

We went on a retreat to Pepperwood Preserve in Santa Rosa ( from 24-26 Mar to hike, hang out, and talk about beetles! It was a great weekend.